Google has launched the rollout of Android 10, the latest version of its operating system for smartphones and tablets, the company announced Tuesday.

Android 10 is initially only available for Google's own Pixel smartphones, which are not officially for sale in the Netherlands. Later this year, the update will also be available for phones from other manufacturers.

The new operating system introduces, among other things, a dark mode, which makes backgrounds in menus and notifications dark. Users also receive privacy options through their settings. From now on they can indicate per app when the app can access the location of the device.

In addition, in the updated software, Google also takes care of notifications, the software can subtitle various media - such as videos and podcasts - and the Android version offers support for foldable phones.

With Android 10, Google takes away from references to sweets for the first time. Previously, the operating system versions were nicknamed, such as marshmallow and nougat.

It is not clear when Android 10 will be made available on other smartphones. Manufacturers must make the update available to users for their own devices.