Improving Web Usage

If you frequently use the Web, here are the following tips that make it easier for you to work online: To select, edit, or clear your browser's address bar, click the F6 key at the top of your keyboard, or click Control + L.

You can also enter the following statement into the Chrome address bar:

(data: text / html)

You can use the browser in the same way as Notepad. You can keep the address in your Favorites list for reference at any time.

You can also convert videos via YouTube to GIF images by adding the word Gif before the web address of the video on YouTube, specifically after the three letters of the web and the next small dot (www), then start after that. Record the start time and duration of the image, then click the Create Gif button at the end of the window that appears.

You can avoid accidentally closing important tabs that you have opened through Chrome by right-clicking inside the window's tab at the top of the address bar, and then clicking Install Window under the options in the drop-down window.

Use the «Google timer» to set the time

If you are a user of Google search engine, follow the following to access the alarm and set the time on the Web: Go to «Google» and register in the search field «Timer Google» Google Timer. Alternatively, you can go directly to the following link if you do not reach the desired result:

(https: // 2ZtTvIz),

A search window will appear, and at the top of the screen will be a small window with a timer and a stopwatch. The default timer is five minutes. If you want to rely on it, click the blue start button below the specified time. If you want to change this period, click on the gray “reset” button, then go to the minutes and seconds box at the top. Then click the "start" button at the bottom, and a small beep will sound to indicate that the time is up, so click the "OK" button at the end of the window to stop it.