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Cristina Saavedra has shown her anger on social networks after receiving several criticisms for a photo of her that she shared on Instagram . The journalist uploaded a photo of her vacation this Sunday, September 1, in which she seems to be without clothes and lying on the seashore. "Well, it would be. Or not. My mother, what a summer. Next stop: Madrid," he wrote in the publication.

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The news host of La Sexta has received negative comments and insults that focus on the color of her skin for this beach inn. "A lot of grape lightning," "a super-bright red, pathetic journalist" or "often skin color ... butt filters, Cris " are some of them. The Galician has decided to respond to these words in her social networks: "I am very bored by those who ask about our skin color (I extend to my brothers and nephews). Have you heard about genes? Pussy, how heavy are you? ".

Later she declared to be fed up on Twitter : "You riddle me with insults because on September 1 my skin is dark and I still don't know very well why. Ah, postscript, I will love nobody more than my father who left me this color (in case there were doubts. My brothers are like me.) Make us look at it. "

He replied with an emoji throwing up the response of a follower who wrote: "You have a little color ... to eat." The tweet later added: "What a bad temper."

Network reactions

After her response, the presenter received numerous messages of support through social networks, noting that the skin color is irrelevant. "The important thing is that you are a great journalist and I love how you present the news," wrote a tweeter. There were those who pointed out that the criticisms he received were motivated solely by envy.

Other users told him that he should ignore the negative comments and even reproached him for responding to those who insult her: "But what the hell are you getting into the rag for? Forget them ." A tweet snapped at him: "With what you are ready and you give importance to these comments."

The presenter Arturo Paniagua commented on Instagram : "Jajajajajajaja. It left your soul." Cristina Saavedra and he started a conversation on this social network. "Dear, what do I tell you?", She said, after which he added: "The one that freaks out to me is that of 'And do blacks get blacker when the sun sets?' Lord, take me soon. "

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Cristina Saavedra's trajectory

La Coruñesa began her career as a reporter in Galicia Television , where she was also a presenter of informational spaces for several years. After its beginnings in the autonomic chain it happened to Antena 3 with the program Now , that co-presented in its beginnings next to Liborio García . In 2006, she was signed by La Sexta , where she has been part of the La Sexta Noticias team for years .

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