A 19-year-old boy suffered a stalemate as she completed her registration at Sada High School.

A 19-year-old man was shot dead Saturday at midday in front of Sada High School in west-central Mayotte. have we learned from a judicial source.

According to the prosecutor Camille Miansoni, the murder was committed by several unidentified people. "At this time, we do not know the reasons, nor the causes, nor the circumstances in detail," he said once the death found by the emergency services.

A judicial inquiry opened by the prosecution

The remains were transferred to Mamoudzou hospital for autopsy. A judicial inquiry was opened by the prosecution. The young man from the commune of Mamoudzou came to register at Sada located 20 km from his home, unable to get a place at home.

Tuesday, during the Mayotte visit of the Minister of Outremer, Annick Girardin, associations of parents of students have questioned the lack of places in the high schools of this French department located in the Indian Ocean.

A plan for the future of Mayotte

This death comes as Annick Girardin recalled the efforts of the state to fight against crime and violence around schools since last year. It was indeed the intrusion of young people at Kahani's Gustave Eiffel High School on January 19, 2018, which provoked a strike against the insecurity that paralyzed the island for nearly three months.

The episode had resulted in a plan for Mayotte's future of 53 measures including "the mobilization of all security forces to ensure an effective presence in the vicinity of schools."