Apple announced that it has decided to launch new iPhone models on September 10, which include: iPhone R11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Max, to replace « IPhone XR, iPhone SX and iPhone SX Max launched in September 2018.

According to a statement issued by the company and invitations sent to more than the guests, the events will take place at the Great Steve Jobs Hall in the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Following the announcement of «Apple» unanimous comments and analysis that the three new phones, come as a duplicate extension of the three phones that were launched last year, in terms of design and features, and seem to lag behind many of the developments witnessed by many competing phones, including flexible screen feature, support 5G mobile networks. Analyzes indicated that the design is virtually identical, and is based on a structure made of steel and glass and slits, cans, frames and similar buttons, but some minor expected changes will be in the mute switch on the side of the phone, where the small circular key will replace the slider-shaped key in the current models .

A difficult situation

An analysis of the site «CNN News» predicted that the new iPhone will face a very difficult situation in sales, because it will be the first in the series «iPhone» that comes in a design that reached the age of three years, without a general change or substantial, while Competitors are advancing strongly around him, suggesting that Apple is betting on 2020 phones as the move users expect, as many of them tend to change the phone and move from one model to the latest in three-year cycles.

New services

Analysts of Business Insider agreed on this hypothesis, pointing out that it is confirmed that Apple will launch at the same event on September 10, 2019 some of the various new services it uses to counter the current and expected slowdown in sales. These include enhancements to the Apple TV service, which will come under the name of «Apple TV Plus», in addition to improvements to the service «Arcade» electronic games collective network, as well as a new development «Apple Card for electronic payments», and a new model of devices That has achieved wide popularity such as the wireless headphones «Air iPod», and the fifth generation of «Apple smart watches», and other services.

Highlights Characteristics

According to reports from credible sources such as Bloomberg, Apple analyst Ming Chi-ku and other recent leaks, the biggest change the iPhone 11 is likely to have is the triple-format cameras, as well as a flash in a module. Big Square, an improvement similar to the leaked Google's upcoming Pixel 4, with an improvement that rivals Samsung, Google and Huawei in the ability to capture high-resolution, wide-angle images.

Also abolishing is Apple's 3D Touch functionality. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the absence of this feature does not mean that the touchscreen will disappear completely, but will be replaced by a technology called Habtech Touch that was tested in the iPhone XR last year.

Dual charging

The reports predicted that the iPhone 11 will move to dual charging, charging itself wirelessly through a special bag or charging pad, while transferring power to other iPhones and iPods. If these predictions are true, Apple has decided to compete directly with the power-sharing feature or Samsung's PowerShare in its Galaxy S10.

Processor .. The fifth generation

Most of the forecasts indicated that the new iPhone 11 models will work with the A13 chip, which carries some improvements in speed and performance, compared to the A12 chip used in the iPhone 2018, a processor capable. To compete with the best phones running Android «.

It is also expected that the three models will come without support to work with mobile networks of the fifth generation, due to two things: the first differences between the companies «Apple» and «Qualcomm», which was settled very soon before the launch date What has hampered the supply of new phones with modems «Qualcomm» operating fifth generation, while the second thing is that the unit «Intel» to produce the chips of the fifth generation of mobile, which was acquired by «Apple» recently, also failed to access the modems » Fifth Generation.