“Maybe hit it (the power button. - RT ) with a hammer? I’ve already taken a wrench, I rest - no effect, ”he said, being in the Search module.

According to the agency, Ovchinin’s colleague in the Star module, Alexander Skvortsov, was dressed in an exoskeleton that allows you to remotely control the robot.

It is indicated that the Mission Control Center (MCC) experts suggested that the astronauts replace the batteries in the robot, but soon Ovchinin announced that he managed to turn on the FEDOR power supply.

“I turned it on. 10-15 times turned on and off. So he turned on and even said something, ”he said.

Skvortsov was later able to move the fingers of the robot.

“Oh, Fedor is moving his fingers here,” said Ovchinin.

Then, a robot controlled by Skvortsov worked with a screwdriver, keys and electrical connectors.

On August 27, the Soyuz spacecraft with the FEDOR robot successfully docked with the ISS on the second attempt.

The first docking was undertaken on August 24, but failed.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin commented on the situation that arose during the docking of the ship.

Vladimir Bely, a member of the FEDOR robot project, told Nation News about his tasks on the ISS.