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The next Huawei Mate 30 could become the first technological victim of the commercial war that has faced China and the US for months. If something does not change in the next few days, it will be Huawei's first high-end phone that will be sold without access to official Google applications or some components of the Android operating system in Europe and the US.

Google has confirmed to the Reuters agency that the current legislation prevents the company from licensing its products to companies that appear on the blacklist of companies that may affect national security, a list that Huawei appears since last May.

Although the administration of Donald Trump has applied a moratorium on trade restrictions with these companies, it only has an effect on products already launched on the market or that were certified at the time the ban came into effect.

USA He relaxed his policy a little more months later, and was willing to make exceptions and issue licenses for some US companies that want to continue doing business with Chinese technology companies. It is a vital concession for brands such as Qualcomm or Intel, whose business depends on commercial agreements with large Asian manufacturers.

More than 130 US companies have applied for these licenses with which to continue operating normally, but for the time being the Trump administration has not approved any.

The Mate 30 is scheduled to be presented next September 12 at an event in Munich. As in previous years it will be one of the reference phones in the Huawei catalog, which is the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, behind Samsung and after recently advancing to Apple.

Huawei has been willing to continue using Google applications and the Android operating system if the US It eliminates trade restrictions but at the same time it is developing its own alternative to Android that it could use in future phones if, as it seems, Trump is willing to keep up the commercial war with China.

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