One of the prints that the one that promises to become the hottest summer that we have on record is leaving us is that of many public swimming pools completely filled with sunbathers trying to protect themselves from high temperatures. Only in the Community of Madrid, the influx has multiplied by four.

Far from being the perfect place to combat the insufferable summer embarrassment, the Spanish swimming pools are becoming a real hell for those who visit them as a result of the last and eschatological viral challenge of summer: defecate in the water of these public facilities and leave after leaving the excrement floating next to the rest of bathers.

A challenge to which it seems the adolescents between 12 and 16 years old from all over Spain do not stop signing and that has already forced to close a few public swimming pools in several municipalities of Almería , Cádiz , Castellón , Murcia , Valencia or Valladolid after detecting the presence of Human feces in the areas reserved for bathing.

The joke, which can go out for up to 1,500 euros to offenders, poses a serious risk to the health of bathers since feces, when coming into contact with water, automatically become a dangerous focus of bacteria. So much so that, as soon as the presence of fecal matter is detected in the pools, the protocol obliges the operators to evacuate the enclosure to later extract the waste and initiate a series of treatments aimed at killing all microorganisms as soon as possible.

The economic consequences of the viral

The damages that this eschatological viral challenge is producing are not precisely small. In addition to the expense involved in the extra use of personnel and resources to restore normalcy and the losses that result from the closure of the facilities, the mentioned consistories are being forced to incur unexpected expenses to prevent future attacks.

In the case of the Murcia municipality of Alguazas , the administration has decided to take action on the matter and install cameras with night vision and 24-hour recording connected to the police with the intention of hunting the protagonists of these acts of vandalism as soon as possible and demanding responsibilities judicial route

Other affected municipalities have gone a step further by placing vigilantes who take the name and ID of all the people who access the site or installing different urine and feces detection systems with which to chase away those challengers who had in mind to continue perpetrating the Chaos in the pools.

From the pools to the beach

Whether as a consequence of these dissuasive measures or not, the truth is that some Valencian beaches - two in Gandía , two in El Puig , one in Massamagrell , two in Alboraya and two others in the capital - have had to close recently after exceeding widely the levels of fecal bacteria allowed.

With luck, a new challenge will arrive before the end of the summer that will make it possible to dirty the beaches and swimming pools of all at the stroke of depositions.

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