Web hosting company Hostinger has reset the passwords of all users on Saturday after a "recent security incident," the company writes in a Sunday blog post. Hostinger has, among other things, data centers in the Netherlands.

It is a hack in which around fourteen million users have been duped, according to Hostinger. The originally Lithuanian company is also active in the Netherlands and offers web hosting and cloud hosting here, among other things. It is not known how many users were affected in the Netherlands.

The company heard on Friday that an "unauthorized party" had invaded one of the servers. The intruder used the server to move up the Hostinger systems, to a server that manages customer information.

The hacker could view user names, first names, passwords and IP addresses, among other things. According to Hostinger, all passwords are encrypted in such a way that it is not possible to misuse them, but for security reasons, the company has nevertheless reset all user passwords.

The company advises customers not to click on links or download attachments if an email looks suspicious. The intruder could potentially misuse the obtained data in this way.