Sunday (25th) There are rain and showers around the country, so be sure to bring your umbrella with you when you go out. The day after tomorrow, the whole country is cloudy and there is rain again.

First of all, it will rain showers in the central region this afternoon, and Gangwon Yeongdong will have up to 40mm of rain by afternoon.

Rainfall around 5mm is expected on the Honam and Gyeongnam coasts, and Jeju will have more than 120mm of rain by tomorrow.

If you are planning to go out early this morning, there are heavy fogs everywhere. Watch out for driving. The ozone concentration is expected to be poor today, mainly in Gyeonggi-do and Chungnam.

Daytime temperatures in Seoul will be similar to yesterday's 30 degrees yesterday, with Daegu 30 degrees, Changwon and Busan 28 degrees.

The day will be cooler after Tuesday's rain.

(Jeon So-young Weathercaster)