Intermediaries who put pages online where the name and photo of Dutch people are abused for bitcoin fraud earn in some cases 600 dollars (about 540 euros) per Dutch victim, Brandpunt + reports Friday based on his own research.

The research platform found six companies that put such pages with Dutch people online. On the pages it is suggested that Dutch celebrities have become rich with bitcoins, hoping to gain the trust of potential victims.

The pages, in turn, refer to a kind of customer service that persuades victims over the phone to deposit money, according to a study by NRC in July.

The investigation by Brandpunt + shows that the Clickdealer and Crypto7 companies pay out 600 dollars per Dutch victim. According to the news platform, the company that carries out the telephone fraud earns an average of $ 3,000 per credit card from a passed on victim.

The names of media entrepreneur John de Mol, rapper Ali B and presenter Jort Kelder have been misused for the fraud. Online advertisements for the pages are popping up on Facebook, but also on news sites such as those of AD , de Volkskrant and

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