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VIDEO - New images of the Titanic show a rapid deterioration of the wreck


Entire sections of the ship have already disappeared, corroded or washed away by currents. & Nbsp;

Entire sections of the ship have already disappeared, corroded by corrosion or washed away by currents.


Unpublished images of the wreckage of the Titanic have just been unveiled by the team of the American explorer Victor Vescovo, reports the BBC . This is the first time in nearly fifteen years that the liner, lying more than 3,800 meters deep off Newfoundland, is filmed.

The wreck gnawed by the ocean

For eight days, the team of explorers made five dives in the North Atlantic to see the carcass of the famous ship. "It's a very, very big wreck, I was not fully prepared for that, when we saw it appear on the sonar, it really stands out," Victor Vescovo marveled.

The high-definition images, captured with a 4K camera by explorers earlier this month during five dives, show that the wreckage is rapidly deteriorating. Entire sections of the ship have disappeared, corroded or washed away by currents. This rapid degradation of the wreck is also due to the presence of a bacterium, Halomonas titanicae, which attacks wood and metal. In 2018, a Canadian professor told the BBC that the entire ship could have disappeared in about twenty years.

"The unsinkable" sank in the Atlantic more than a century ago, taking with it 1,517 of its 2,223 passengers in the night of April 14 to 15, 1912. The wreckage was located only 73 years later , by Professor Robert Ballard.

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