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Madrid rapper C. Tangana, whose concert on Saturday in Bilbao was canceled for his "macho lyrics", said Thursday that "censoring and prohibiting is not the way to educate." "I don't project an image of women, I project many," he said.

Through his Twitter account, the artist has pronounced two weeks after the City Council of the Biscayan capital vetoed his performance, scheduled for Saturday, August 24 within the framework of Aste Nagusia.

"In my music there are many women, both in my lyrics and in my videos. I do not project an image of the woman I project many," Tangana has defended, who hours earlier had thanked "all the people" who have "raised their voices "for him in the last days.

The cancellation of his performance, justified in the content of the lyrics of some of his compositions, came after about 10,000 people claimed in less than 24 hours that his concert was excluded from the Bilbao Big Week.

From the Consistory they assured that the decision was taken by "the obligation not to make visible such messages that denigrate women". After a great reflection, we have decided that, at this time, we should not continue with the hiring of this artist, "explained then the Councilor for Cooperation, Coexistence and Festivities of the City of Bilbao, Itziar Urtasun.

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