The alleged young arsonist has been indicted and placed under judicial control.

A volunteer firefighter, aged 17, is suspected of having eight times set fire to vegetation in the area of ​​Montmarault, in the Allier, between July 16 and August 13, according to information from La Montagne .

Subject to care obligations

None of these fires resulted in a casualty. It was during the last incident that the voluntary character was raised. The link between this fire, dated August 13, and the other seven was quickly established.

The firefighters of the Allier are hard at work and fight against many fires of brush, stubble and crops.
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The young suspected arsonist was identified by the police following an investigation and placed in police custody. He was referred on Monday to the prosecutor's office of Moulins before being indicted and placed under judicial control. The suspect is prohibited from carrying out his activity as a volunteer firefighter and is subject to obligations of care. It will be monitored by the Judicial Youth Protection (PJJ).