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Students of the alma mater Korea University in 'Controversy on the medical thesis of the daughter of the motherland'


On the 20th, Cho Post's daughter Cho graduated from the Korea University community 'Gopas' bulletin board. One user said, "I wasn't born with a 'gold Sugi', so I had to wear my hair every day to study MEET all the time in college.

▲ Article posted on the Korea University student community 'Gopas' on the 20th

Mr. Cho's daughter, Jo Mo, 28, who was a daughter of a candidate for the Minister of Justice, was enrolled as the first author of a dissertation at a medical institute during her high school. Failed to hide

On the 20th, Cho Post's daughter Cho graduated from the Korea University community 'Gopas' bulletin board.

One user said, "I wasn't born with a 'Geum Suje', so I had to see my MEET (Introduction to Dentistry Medical Education Examination) every day. "I want to pick up. I need to drink alcohol or binge."

Another user captured the first page of a paper that Mr. Cho participated as the first author and questioned, "Do I know what terms like" Glu298Asp "and" T-786C "mean?"

He said, "It's hard to call me a classmate. I can cancel my degree, cancel my admission, and make my high school like Jung Yura."

Another user said, "We should sue our country's daughter." "We did not contribute to the research at all, and we do not have any knowledge of the field. Isn't it an interruption of work? "

Mr. Cho's alma mater, SNU-Life, a student community at Seoul National University, also received critical comments.

One user pointed out, "It was a serious problem."

Other users said, "Just like Jung Yura, we should disclose the daughter's real name and investigate whether the Korea University pass and the clinic pass were justified."

In the article referring to Cho's explanation on the daughter's thesis controversy, "In the United States, it is said that writing a two-week and one-author paper in the yard, saying that he had a successful doctoral life after only one or two doctoral dissertations in six to seven years. I think it's possible. '

Another user questioned, "Was a high school student who had been the first author in a pathology paper twice in all of them?"

According to candidates Cho, her intern was a two-week intern at the Medical Science Research Institute of Dankook University, Cheonan, Chungnam, Korea, while studying at Han Young Foreign High School.

After completing the internship program, he was appointed Professor A as the first author of the English paper submitted to the Korean Pathology Society in December 2008.

Regarding this controversy, Cho said, "No candidate or spouse's spouse was involved in the internship process." "All the papers are at the discretion of the academic advisor. I hope there will be no assumptions or misunderstandings about this. "

(Photo = 'Gopas' Capture)

Source: sbskr

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