The inn was a structure that was difficult for older people to avoid. There was no passage in the old wooden building and no facilities to extinguish it when there was a fire.

The structured Moonjae store was followed by JTV Oh Jung-hyun.


Old people in their 70's and 80's were staying at the inn.

Older people with disabilities could not avoid fire.

There was a big fire in front of the entrance door, which seemed to be the only escape.

Although there were small windows behind the side of the room on the other side of the fire, it was estimated that the elderly victims climbed up and evacuated.

It was a 50 year old wooden building, and the yard was filled with waste papers from the elderly.

[Jung Hui-young / Neighbor: We abolished the abolition (in the yard). How good is that?]

There were no firefighting facilities, such as sprinklers, that were mandatory for multi-use facilities, and regular fire inspections were avoided.

It is said that the owner of the building has only opened an inn sign on the house, and the owner of the building is known to have given care to the elderly staying in the inn.

[Lee Kyu-Seok / Head of Rescue First Aid Team, Wansan Fire Station: The fire building is a house. Not subject to fire inspection.]

The police plan to check with the building owner for violations of the law.

(Video coverage: Kim Dae-soo and Lee Sung-min)

▶ 47-year-old inn encased in flames In the room like a room