The man was arrested at Orly last Thursday. The young woman was sentenced Monday to six months of imprisonment suspended by the Criminal Court of Créteil.

On Thursday, the young person claimed that his companion was planning an "attack" on Orly to prevent him from flying after an argument. Monday, six months of suspended imprisonment were required Monday for this act "completely disproportionate" according to the prosecutor.

"In the current context", asks the Criminal Court of Créteil (Val-de-Marne) to this young woman of 28 years, "what did you have in your head Madam?" "I am extremely ashamed of what I did," she replies, her voice shaking and her head down. At his side in the box, his companion, father of their son of two years. The couple do not exchange a look.

"I'm afraid he's doing something stupid"

Thursday, when the 34-year-old was preparing to board a flight to Barcelona, ​​"for a concert," he said, she called Aéroports de Paris, pretending to be the sister of his companion. "He has strange words, he says he's going to make an attack, he's in Orly ... I'm afraid he's making a mistake," she said on the phone, recalls the president of the court.

The police are alerted, the man arrested, and, says the prosecutor, the slanderous denunciation turns out to be "corroborated" since a knife is found in his bag.

At the bar, as he had already done in front of the investigators, the man explains that he is holding a food truck, and that he usually has this retractable knife on him. That day, he says, he "totally forgot" to have it in his bag. Placed in custody Thursday after his arrest, he remained in detention until his trial.

"I never imagined the proportions that it would take"

"I never imagined the proportions that it would take," said his companion from the box. She evokes a tendency to depression, her "jealousy" and a context of very complicated relationship.

"The PAF (Border Police) has other functions than to accompany a couple who is bad," said the prosecutor, who requested, in addition to the sentence of imprisonment with suris, an obligation to follow care and a citizenship internship for the young woman.

For his companion, he asked 75 days fine to ten euros (he must pay 750 euros fine under penalty of spending a day in detention per day unpaid), and the ban on carrying a weapon for three years.