YouTube is experimenting with a new platform that popular YouTubers can use to organize events for their fans. The platform is called Fundo and makers with many followers on YouTube can participate in the test.

YouTubers can, for example, organize an online meet-and-greet via Fundo. Fans can purchase one of the limited number of tickets, after which a calling session takes place at an agreed time. During the interview, photos can be taken and one-to-one questions asked.

YouTubers are more often in contact with their fans, but that usually happens via the reaction system under the videos. By buying a ticket for a meet-and-greet, fans can immediately talk to the YouTuber in a closed call session.

To Variety , YouTube says that the Fundo platform is an experiment of Area 120, the lab in which new, online platforms and applications are being tried out by Google. It is therefore not certain whether Fundo will be officially available for all YouTubers. Currently, makers can only participate if their request to participate in the test is approved.