Following the approval of additional systems for hardware retrofitting of older diesel cars, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), the motor trade and the ADAC are demanding more concessions from the auto industry. The manufacturers would have to pay for the installation of the sets, said Schulze. Similarly expressed ADAC Vice President Karsten Schulze, which calls for more security for consumers in the cost. "It still applies: Consumers were guilty of nothing and should not be burdened with the costs." From the point of view of the Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe (ZDK), the hardware retrofitting of Euro 5 diesel vehicles was to be supported by automakers across the board and not limited to regions.

So far, certain diesel cars from Volvo, Daimler and Volkswagen can be retrofitted because of excessive pollutant levels. At the end of July, the first operating permit for retrofit systems of a Bamberger technology provider had been issued for various Volvo models. It was followed by approvals for Mercedes models. On Thursday the Kraftfahrtbundesamt had published the operating permit for systems from the technology provider Baumot. This includes retrofit systems for more than 60 vehicle models of the VW Group.

VW and Daimler support the installation only in some cities

"I am pleased that my trust in German engineering was justified," said Minister Schulze. Now the technology should come as fast as possible on the market. The cost of installation must carry the car industry, because it has caused the problems. "Here I expect that the manufacturers, who have not yet made any commitments, go into it again."

The aim of retrofitting is that vehicles of the Euro 5 emission standard can be exempted from driving bans. The retrofits to the engine are part of a government policy package for better air. After a long debate, German automakers had agreed to subsidies for hardware retrofits. They favor software and selling new cars to improve exhaust emissions.

Like Daimler, VW agreed to provide financial support for its customers in certain regions when it comes to retrofitting hardware. In the specified by the federal government "intensive cities" are up to 3,000 euros for the approved by the Kraftfahrtbundesamt retrofitting possible, said a VW spokesman. About the exact conditions will be informed shortly on the Internet. Daimler also adds 3,000 euros in "priority regions".

Nationwide more than five million Euro 5 diesel

In Germany, far more than five million diesel passenger cars with the Euro 5 emission standard are on the road. Because of the high emissions of nitrogen oxides they are threatened with driving bans in many places. The German Association of Cities recently demanded more speed from the car industry for retrofitting.

Industry association president Jürgen Karpinski said that after a retrofit system for 60 vehicle models from the Volkswagen Group was released, the retrofitting can finally go ahead. "It makes little sense, however, to limit the promotion of retrofitting measures to the 15 cities and their border regions that are affected by nitrogen oxides limit exceedances." This leads to a regional imbalance in trade and consumers. ADAC Vice-President Schulze said it was about health and clean air in cities - but also about maintaining mobility for diesel owners.

"We plan to deliver the first systems in October 2019," said Baumot CEO Marcus Hausser. According to him, the operating permit covers about 1.3 million affected cars from the Volkswagen Group. Further permissions for vehicles from other manufacturers would be requested shortly.