The Dutch character Sigma is playable from Wednesday in the popular shooting game Overwatch.

Players can play as Sigma after installing an update. According to the story of the game, the character was born in The Hague as Siebren the Kuiper and can manipulate gravity.

The game hero was first unveiled in July this year and could already be tested on the game's test servers. With the update, everyone has access to the game figure.

Sigma is spoken by the Dutch voice actor Boris Hiestand. In the game, he also has a number of Dutch-language statements, including "tasty, stroopwafel" and "I fell in love with it."

Overwatch is a competitive shooting game that gets new characters, levels and challenges with updates. The game was made by Blizzard, the company that became famous with titles such as World of Warcraft.

The new update also obliges players to choose a certain role at the start of a game. You can choose whether players want to attack, defend or heal.