An octogenarian and a caregiver were in custody after the death of an 87-year-old woman in a retirement home. Both were finally released on Wednesday.

The custody of the octogenarian suspected of the murder of an 87-year-old resident in a retirement home, and a nurse's aide suspected of being a non-assistant to a person in danger, were lifted. learned Wednesday from close source of the record. The condition of the 87-year-old man has been declared incompatible with police custody. It was lifted Tuesday night, as well as that of the caregiver, time to carry out additional checks, said this source.

The facts go back to Monday night. Around 11 pm in the nursing home of the Korian group in Maisse (Essonne), the caregiver "hears cries" from the room of the old lady, she explained to investigators, according to another source close to the folder. "She goes, and sees this old gentleman (also 87 years old) come out of the room, a cushion in his hand." The caregiver says she was "immediately occupied with the lady", who was suffocating in bed, adds the source.

An autopsy still in progress

But the old lady will be discovered dead the next morning. The old man, returned to his room, was "haggard", according to another source. He was arrested by the gendarmes, in charge of the investigation. A medical and psychiatric examination was requested.

The autopsy, in progress this Wednesday, must determine the causes and time of the death of the old lady. These include whether the old lady's condition was "stabilized" when the caregiver left her room, as the latter says.