Huawei technicians have helped African governments spy on political opponents. According to research from The Wall Street Journal .

That happened in at least two cases, writes the American newspaper. The Huawei employees helped with the interception of encrypted messages. They also used data to find out the location of politicians.

The technicians are said to have used Israeli spyware to invade a politician's phone. That's how they tried to get rid of the man in WhatsApp conversations. Eventually the authorities managed to stop plans to organize a street meeting. they also arrested the politician and dozens of supporters.

The investigation showed that spying did not happen because it was ordered from China. In addition, there is no evidence that Huawei top people knew about it or that they gave approval.

A spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that the company "was never involved in hacking activities." "Huawei rejects these unfounded and incorrect complaints against our business operations."

Huawei has been under a magnifying glass lately, due to alleged espionage practices. The Chinese company was blacklisted in the United States because it would pose a threat to national security. Huawei has always denied spying for the Chinese government. Also, evidence has never been made public.