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Toñi Moreno is spending a few unfortunate weeks since her pregnancy was made public. The presenter has suffered a couple of accidents this summer, for which she has had to receive medical attention, and that have worried her followers. She herself was the one who revealed them through her Instagram account.

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The driver of Women and men and vice versa received last weekend an acknowledgment in their land, by the Royal Horse Racing Society of Sanlucar De Barrameda . However, on Monday, August 12, when he shared a photo of the event, he revealed that he had finished the day at the hospital: "It was a rough day because I ended up in the hospital because of a silly fall."

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Hours later the Andalusian posted another photo on Instagram with which she gave more details about her accident and tried to reassure her fans. They were worried about their health status and that of their baby, since the presenter is four months pregnant.

She showed that a wound had been made in the nose, but made it clear that it had been nothing serious: "You all ask me how I am. You see me, with Mr. Potato's nose ... And as if I had I ran over a truck! I lost my balance and landed as I could ... But we are both great. " He thanked his followers and announced that he was going to take a few days off.

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In mid-July he went through another scare, which luckily remained in a mere anecdote. He had to receive medical attention for a domestic accident with a knife in his new house. Through Instagram Stories he shared an image of his finger covered by gauze and the text "killer knives." In a second update from the emergency room, he uploaded a photo showing the finger and part of his bandaged hand. "Ea ... the day wasted!" He wrote.

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The fall of his mother

In October 2018 Toñi Moreno was still the conductor of Viva la vida . He couldn't help but get excited by remembering on the show that his mother had lost a baby because of a fall: "My mother was pregnant with her third child, a boy, and when she was about to give birth she fell and the baby broke skull and my mother had to give birth knowing that her son was dead. She has never recovered from that. "

The announcement of your pregnancy

In late June Readings revealed that the 46-year-old presenter was pregnant. In a video on her social networks she said she did not like seeing herself on the cover of the magazine because it was too early to reveal the news. He took the opportunity to thank everyone for the signs of affection he had received and stressed that he seeks to keep his private life on the sidelines.

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Shortly afterwards the presenter talked to her colleagues at Outdoor in Telecinco , saying that she was happy and very well: "I don't want to make statements because it's still too early, I'm two months pregnant. I'm very superstitious. Right now I don't want to give it more hype." . In Mediaset they wanted to remember a delivery of the 1 Team of Four program , in which Toñi Moreno accompanied a couple on the day of the birth of their son in 2006. Already then he confessed to having "the maternal instinct fired."

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