Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has announced a new version of the Spectacles video glasses on its website. The gadget has two camera lenses for 3D effect.

The glasses have camera lenses in the frame on both sides. They are placed next to the spectacle glasses and film straight ahead to take the view of the wearer. Because they just record images from a different perspective, a 3D effect can be given to photos.

Both lenses record in HD quality and film at sixty frames per second. The sound is recorded with four microphones that are incorporated in the sunglasses.

Users can save the videos and photos on a linked phone or immediately share them in the Snapchat app. Augmented reality images and stickers can be added to the recordings, for example.

The sunglasses have a stainless steel frame and will be available in two colors in November for 370 euros. This makes the new model almost 150 euros more expensive than the previous version.