Several Americans in the state of California have sued Apple for storing iCloud data on third-party servers, while the company claims that this is happening on Apple's servers. Apple Insider reports this on the basis of documents submitted to the court.

According to the prosecutors, Apple's advertisements are not clear about the fact that the company uses the servers of Amazon, Google and Microsoft to store iCloud data. It would also not be clear in Apple's terms and conditions.

The prosecutors think it is misleading that Apple states that it has users' data in-house, while this appears not to be the case. The prosecutor states that precisely because Apple would manage the data itself, they entrusted their personal data to the company.

It was already known that Apple uses servers from other tech companies for some iCloud functions. Apple also uses servers from local parties in China, because the laws in the country require Apple to store the data locally.

Incidentally, external parties cannot simply access the data. The data is encrypted and stored in fragmented parts according to Apple's security protocols.