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Tama Island is 49.5 kilometers away from Busan.

Before the conflict between Korea and Japan, 99% of the tourists who visited Tsushima were Korean.

It was even said, "Japanese Tamado is fed by Koreans."

However, after the Japanese government's economic retaliation, the landscape of Tsushima has changed 180 degrees.

The passenger line from Busan to Tama Road is empty, and the car rental company parking lot near the port is full of cars because there are no guests.

The ramen shop, which was popular enough for Korean tourists to line up, flew only Paris at lunchtime, and the bakery introduced as a hot place on SNS was closed.

Miuda Beach, one of the major tourist spots in Tsushima, has not seen tourists in high season, and one of the famous shopping malls in downtown Tamado has been packed with products.

At night, the bar was crowded with Korean tourists, but only the owners and employees kept their seats. "I'll go if we give him back again," he responded with criticism.