A male in his 30s in a so-called "Slimming Dong Sexual Assault Video" attempted to invade a house after a woman returned home and held that he had no intention of sexual assault on the victim.

The 31st Criminal Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court heard today the first trial against Mr. Jo, who was arrested for violating the Special Act on Violence of Sexual Violence Crime (residential invasion).

Cho, who first attended the trial with a shaggy hair and beard, was bowed with a dark look throughout the entire process.

When the presiding officer asked if there was anything to say, he just scolded little, saying nothing.

Mr. Cho submitted a number of reflections in advance of the trial, and the court gave an apology to the court and the victims.

Mr. Cho reiterated the complaint, saying that "the accused did this, but he did not intend to sexually assault the victim."

Mr. Cho said during the trial, "There was no intention of sexual assault, and he had learned and asked to open the door."

Mr. Cho was accused of threatening to enter the woman's house after being chased by a woman returning from Sillim-dong at about 6:20 am on May 28.

The video of Mr. Cho's image spread rapidly on Twitter and YouTube under the title of 'Silence Assault Closed Circuit (CC) TV Video'.

The police arrested Joe for invasion, but sent him to the prosecution for alleged sexual assault. The prosecution also charged him with the same charge.