Until the end of his life, a documentary about the life of a comfort woman victim, Grandmother Kim Bok-dong, who had demanded a sincere apology from Japan for 27 years was released. The courage and cry that Grandmother Kim Bok-dong showed in his lifetime is approaching with heavy ringing.

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[故 Kim Bok-dong: Listen to the Japanese Ambassador. Am I supposed to apologize as soon as possible before all these old men die?]

[故 Kim Bok-dong Grandmother / First testimony to the comfort women's Japanese armed forces activist Kim Bok-dong's testimony in 1992: So I could hardly say that I had been done. So I made a complaint to my mother. Then my mother cried too.]

[故 Kim Bok-dong / August 14, 13 Demand meeting for the resolution of the Japanese military 'comfort women': I will travel around the world to build a statue of a girl. What do you do? Are you here to eat and sleep?]

[故 Kim Bok-dong Grandmother / October 15, 2013 The 320th National Assembly Regular Meeting: It was hard to be brought to a young age and sacrificed, but let time go by.]

[故 Kim Bok-dong: I came here to inform Germany that Abe didn't surrender.]

[故 Kim Bok-dong's grandmother: the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Japan echoed. By the way… .]

Yesterday, the dismissed grandmothers say they can't accept the agreement.

[Lee Yong-su / Japanese 'Comfort Women' Victims: Why are you trying to kill us twice? What? Are you living my life?]

Victims excluded 'final and irreversible' Korea-Japan agreement.

Japan delivered 1 billion yen as 'moral responsibility'. Demolition of the Girl Award calls for refrain from criticizing the 'comfort women' in the international community.

[Park Geun-hye / Former President (2016.01): I think you should acknowledge that you tried to make an agreement.

Recognition of crimes, formal apologies, legal reparations, and history education required by the victim's grandmother. None of them are specified.

[Rintaro Ogata / Representative of the Democratic Party of Japan at the time (2016.01 Japan House of Representatives Budget Committee): Prime Minister Abe has not yet heard this remark. I think you should speak for yourself.]

[Shinzo Abe / Japanese Prime Minister: I mentioned to President Park Geun-hye (apple)… .]

[故 Kim Bok-Dong: I decided to remove the girl's statue only after being comforted. Don't sound like crazy dogs.]

Human rights activist Kim Bok-dong challenged the humiliating Korea-Japan 'comfort women' agreement.

After three years of fierce fighting, the Organization Reconciliation and Healing Foundation, established on November 21, 2018, under the `` final and irreversible '' agreement, was disbanded.

[Chan Kim Bok-dong / November 2018: Abe apologize and compensate.]

Without receiving the apology from the Japanese government, human rights activist Kim Bok-dong passed away.

[故 Kim Bok-dong: I went to the afterlife threshold and I couldn't die. Let's never be frustrated. We have to fight to the end and be forgiven by the Japanese government to restore our honor. It can't be absolutely before (official apology).]

(Responsible Producer: Ha Hyun-jong, Producer: Choe Ho-ho, Composition: Joo Jin-hee