Huawei presented its own operating system HarmonyOS on Friday during its annual developer conference.

In China, the operating system will be called HongmengOS. That name appeared regularly in recent months when rumors about the system came out.

HarmonyOS must work on different types of devices, such as smartphones, computers, tablets and smartwatches. In this way Huawei can set up its own ecosystem, in which all kinds of devices can be connected to each other and work better together.

Huawei announced during the presentation that products can be transferred to the operating system fairly quickly. "We give Android priority, but if we can't use it, we might be able to switch within one or two days."

Restrictions in United States

Several countries are concerned that Huawei spies for the Chinese government through its equipment. For example, products from Huawei in the United States are refused.

In May, Google limited Huawei's access to the mobile operating system Android. The company therefore followed stricter rules from the US Department of Economic Affairs. A few days later, the US government eased the restrictions, allowing Google to work with Huawei for ninety days longer. That time is almost up.

Huawei said earlier to work on an alternative to Android, if Google can no longer offer its license for Android to the company.

Not much is known about HarmonyOS. The first product to use HarmonyOS is the Honor Vision TV set, which will be released in China on Saturday.

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