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Google Chrome tops web browsers in July


According to the statistics of web browsers in July, the browser «Google Chrome» continues to grow strong, taking new parts of the shares of other rivals, which achieved the highest growth rate in that month since August 2016, and attracted the largest number of users during the month

According to the statistics of web browsers in July, the browser «Google Chrome» continues to grow strong, taking new parts of the shares of other rivals, which achieved the highest growth rate in that month since August 2016, and attracted the largest number of users during the month 1, advancing 2.3 points, raising its share to 68.6%.

His main rival, Firefox, continued to swing, and its share fell to 8.3% from a slight advance of 10% last April. Microsoft Edge and Explorer also fell to 5.8% and 7.4% respectively. According to forecasts, Chrome will continue to grow strongly to capture 75% of the browser market by the end of 2020.

Monthly performance

The figures came in the monthly performance index for web browsers compiled by, a web analytics company whose details are published periodically on The index addresses the competitive position of the major web browsers in the market, namely Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer, Apple Safari and Opera, as well as a host of other browsers. Browsers are ranked based on the number of users per browser.

Chrome browser

Browser performance index data confirmed that the browser «Chrome» achieved a leap during the month of July, with the largest number of users, and this jump is only equivalent to what was achieved in 2016, when the browser benefited from the decision made by «Microsoft» at the time, When I linked upgrading to the new version of Windows, and getting the new version of Internet Explorer and running, and linked to the level of support services provided for versions 7, 9, 8, 10, and 11, of «Internet Explorer», and described With the "disastrous decision" that caused the biggest blow to Internet Explorer in its history, causing a jump Google Chrome ranked first among browsers.

In the first eight months of this decision, Explorer lost more than a third of its users, and its share fell by 16 percentage points. In contrast, Chrome got 21.6 percentage points, which caused its market share to rise from 32 percent to 54 percent.

Since that time, Chrome has been advancing and Internet Explorer is receding. When Microsoft introduced its new Edge browser, its share in browsers did not change much, and Edge continued to eat from Explorer's share and vice versa, and the two could not do anything in front of Chrome's superiority.

In five of the past seven months of this year, Chrome has retained more than two-thirds of the browser market, tightened its grip on the market, and is the only browser through which the bulk of the web activity in the world, the same position enjoyed by the browser « Internet Explorer nearly a decade ago, when it dominated the market as Chrome now does.

The NetApplications predicted that the average positive change achieved by Chrome over the past 12 months would easily make it a 70% stake by the end of this year and rise to 75% by the end of 2020.

Falling «Firefox»

The number of users of the browser «Firefox» during the month of July, causing losses in its share for the third consecutive month, and the decline of half a percentage point, has made its share decline to 8.3%, approaching the lowest decline in the last three years, when its market share reached 7.7 %.

Firefox's performance in July reflects its fluctuation over the past 15 months. For example, its market share reached 10% twice during this period, most recently in April. During the months of May, June and July, it witnessed a series of declines that eventually made its share 8.3%, during which time the average decline in its share was 1.9 points, the largest of which was between November 2017 and January 2018, which was 2.3 points.

These unsatisfactory results were achieved despite the fact that Mozilla, the browser producer, relied on privacy as a privileged factor for its competitors, and implemented a browser support campaign as the best and most reliable option in organizations worried about Chrome's direct contact. Google, and the latter's reputation as a massive data collector and online behavior watcher. However, it seems that the browser conditions and capabilities will make its share below 10% for a long time to come, as expectations for the performance of «Firefox» during the remainder of this year and next year, that its share will decline to 8% in October, then continue to decline until it reaches To 7% in April 2020.

Explorer and Edge

Microsoft's share, Edge and Explorer, dropped by less than a percentage point, making it 13.2%, and the two browsers have been going up and down over the past six months, and each step forward was followed by two steps back, for example, Edge added nearly a point to his tally, but then dropped 2.1 points.

In July, the biggest decline was due to EDGE, which lost 20 points and dropped to 5.8%, while Explorer surprisingly increased by 15 points and increased its share to 7.4%. On the other hand, the share of the browser «Edge» among computers running Windows operating systems fell to only 11.9%, despite being a browser linked to the operating system «Windows 10».

There are no signs of an improvement in browsers, and NetApples estimates that their combined share will drop to 12% by the end of this year, then continue to fall to 11% of the total number of web browsers a year from now. By 1 August 2020.

«Safari» and «Opera»

The browser market includes another set of small browsers, with a market share of less than 5%, some of which have existed for a long time, such as the browser «Safari» produced by «Apple» and operating on the «Macintosh». According to the «Net Applications» index, this browser recorded some activity and growth has made its share to 3.4%, in contrast to the decline of another browser, the old «Opera», to record a share of 1.4%.

«Firefox» continues «swing», and its share decline in July to 8.3%.

Source: emara

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