Two British employees of a CCTV have admitted that they have looked up images of deceased footballer Emiliano Sala, Reuters news agency writes. They took photos without permission that later circulated on social media.

Sala flew in January from his old club Nantes in France to his new club Cardiff City, but the plane disappeared over the Channel. His body was found three days later.

The police were informed in February of a photo shared on social media showing the deceased Sala. An investigation was then started.

This revealed that the director of the CCTV had looked up images of the deceased football player in the mortuary without permission. She then took photos of it with a telephone. She had shared those images with someone on Facebook Messenger. She had also taken pictures of another body in the mortuary.

Another employee also admitted being guilty of illegally searching the images. Both have known to be guilty of computer abuse in three cases. They will hear their punishment on 20 September.