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[News] "Please vote for garbage"… High school students who saved the street


[Go Hyunjun's News] It's time for Go Hyunjun's news with the current critic. What's your first news today? <Go Hyun-jun / Critic Commentator> Yes, Icheon streets in Gyeonggi-do have changed dramatically, and high school students' ideas played a very important role.

[Go Hyunjun's News]


It's time for Ko Hyun-jun with current critic, Hyun-jun. What's your first news today?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Yes, Icheon streets in Gyeonggi-do have changed dramatically. High school students' ideas played a very important role.

You can see two basketball hoops installed in the middle of the bustle. It asks, 'What do you think of when you're in Icheon?'

The citizens of the streets were able to throw the trash they had in their hands to participate in the voting.

Garbage bins were covered with transparent plastic, and cigarette butts littered with transparent windows to help you understand how many people think about you.

In May, the garbage on the street has been noticeably reduced since these bins were installed.

However, the main character who proposed to install the voting bins is not a cleaning company or a civic group, but two thousand high school girls.

The students said that they wanted to show that a small voice could change the world and started by solving small problems in the area.


You're so original, what's next?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Interest and support are pouring to the dog and Dalwani, who played a very important role in the rescue of Joe Eun-Nuri.

However, controversy arises when it is known that the same dogs eat 1800 won per kilogram of dogs.

Domestic dogs usually eat 100,000 won for 10-15 kg of dogs, which means that the price of feed is less than a third of the average feed price.

At the National Assembly's plenary meeting, which was held on Tuesday, the National Worker Dogs are more active, but 20% are being treated and treated.

It is also said that the reserves from the actual military soldiers are not able to feed good food realistically because the bidding method is set to quantity rather than quality.

Choosing a feed company is not a military dog ​​or a veterinarian, but a military command or procurement agency. It takes more than 100 million to train and train a single dog. It is argued that the cost of training a new dog is saved.

This dog can be competitive in health itself. I think it's good to use this as an opportunity to rethink the quality of feed that can only affect its health.


Is it just a dog? Our soldiers' diet (yes, we should think differently about our soldiers too).

Next is news from the United States. An emergency call 911 in the United States called a five-year-old child saying he was hungry. The police response was impressive.

Earlier this month, five-year-old Manuel Beshara, from Sanford, Florida, called 911 and said, "I want to order a hungry pizza."

The 911 center staff who received the call told the police station that the child was alone and asked to check the environment and welfare of the child.

The police soon moved to Manuel's house, where Manuel was with his 15-year-old sister, who did not know that his brother had called 911.

The police confirmed that their surroundings and nutrition were normal and told them how to call 911 instead of confusing Manuel and delivered the pajamas. Hashtag attached to the public on SNS.

Upon hearing the news, American citizens praised the police for caring for their children, but they responded to the news and hoped that no one would follow Manuel.

Source: sbskr

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