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Apple does not like iPhone users to repair their devices on their own, and they have made it quite clear on more than one and two occasions.

As they report from the YouTube channel TheArtofRepair and from the iFixit repair website, there is now an additional lock: Apple can block certain minor functions if you change the battery of an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR on your own , so that the only way to change a battery of these three phones and keep its full functionality is to pay Apple because they do the repair.

If you change the battery of these iPhone, which are the last three announced and launched to the market so far, your phone will notify you that something is wrong with the battery and that it needs to be replaced. And it does not matter if the battery that you have put is from a third manufacturer or original Apple.

This notification will appear in the battery section within the mobile settings, which in turn is completely disabled since the phone will stop showing the 'battery health' and its usage and charging statistics .

To recover these functions, it would be necessary to take the phone to an official Apple store and change the battery there. According to iFixit research, this happens because the battery, to be fully recognized by the mobile, needs to pass a special test that only Apple's own technical services have access to . Without passing that exam, the iPhone will indicate that the battery has a problem.

Apple takes time in the eye of the hurricane of those who demand legislation around the 'right to repair' , that is, to be able to fix the devices by oneself without having to go to an official technical service. However, with this and other measures, Apple is forcing users to necessarily go to their official centers and deal with their prices, preventing competition in the field of repair of their phones, tablets and computers.

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