North Korea stole up to $ 2 billion (€ 1.8 billion) in cyber-bombing and cryptocurrency platforms for its nuclear and missile programs, according to UN figures. Many of the hackers worked under the direction of the secret service of the autocratic state. They are "raising money for its program on weapons of mass destruction," according to a report by independent experts to the North Korea Sanctions Committee of the United Nations. The news agency AFP was able to see the report. In September, the report is to be submitted to the UN Security Council and subsequently published.

The UN is investigating at least 35 known North Korean attacks on financial institutions and cryptocurrency platforms. Such attacks could be traced and monitored worse than attacks on the traditional banking sector.

The Security Council has already imposed a series of sanctions on North Korea over the North Korean nuclear weapons and missile program. According to the UN report, North Korea is trying to circumvent cyber attacks, including the financial sanctions against the country. With digital currencies like Bitcoin, you can pay largely anonymously online because they work independently of governments or banks.

North Korea is repeatedly associated with costly attacks on the Internet. The US government is responsible for North Korea's attack with the blackmail software WannaCry , which encrypted hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries in 2017. Also the attack on Sony Pictures in the year 2014, with which the complete E-Mail inventory of the Hollywood studio captured and the servers were deleted, assign the USA to North Korea.