Millions of computers may be vulnerable to a new leak in Intel processors that hackers can exploit to break into. Researchers at Bitdefender discovered this.

The new vulnerability resembles the processor leaks Meltdown and Specter, which made many computers susceptible to potential attacks in early 2018.

The new leak exploits a special processor function that speeds up computers by predicting future processes. This process can leave traces in memory that criminals can use to access the computer.

If a hacker succeeds in exploiting the vulnerability, he will gain access to the deepest memory of a computer, where data can be read.

Updates against the processor leak

Microsoft and other software parties have since released updates to prevent abuse of the leak. These updates must be installed before a computer is protected against a potential attack.

It is not clear whether the processor leak has also been exploited in practice to penetrate computers. Bitdefender only publicly reported the attack method after the software updates were released.