The officer who got the first-aid treatment of the people whose prayers are blocked is applauded.

On the 2nd, the police officers introduced the CCTV footage on the official Facebook on the 27th of last month from the Chubu Police Station, Incheon Earthquake. In the video, a man jumps into the earth with his hand gripping his neck. When Kim Byeong-hyun, who was in charge of the situation, approached quickly, the man gasped his breath and asked for help.

After removing the man's backpack, Kim starts to press his abdomen with the 'Himirihi therapy' to remove foreign substances from his prayers. Many times the attempt to push out the abdomen is followed by the candy that is hanging from the mouth of a man's mouth is poured out excellent.

Kim, who has passed the crisis, sees the man in his chair and shows his meticulousness to check the status one more time. Kim said, "When I saw a man coming in, I had no choice but to live."

The netizens who watched the video praise Kim, who responded calmly in an urgent situation such as "My body moves right away", "I saved my life" and "I thank the wise police officer" as soon as I see it.

It is an 'image pick'.

(Configuration = Shin Ji-soo Editor)
(Photo = capture YouTube 'Korea National Police Agency')