It is a good time to share news with current affairs critic Goh Hyun Jun. First News Today (5 days) What is it?

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

First News There is a constant problem of domestic violence against married immigrant women, and there is a fundamental problem with the advertising of these international marriage brokers.

A civic group monitored the YouTube channels run by international marriage companies.

There was more than 500 videos on the channel of one of the transit agencies at the end of the year. The interviews of the brokers who wanted to marry were mainly showing the female faces, age, height, weight and other physical conditions. .

Other companies were also promoting international marriages by listing women in this way. In the Marriage Brokerage Control Act, it is forbidden to choose a favorite woman after a man has seen multiple women at once, but these YouTube channels are actually women To make it look like you can choose.

I paid attention to the fact that I could choose the woman I wanted by paying my money, or I put an obedient image on the woman who hoped to get married.

As a matter of fact, a Korean man who wants to marry internationally is pointing out that a married immigrant woman is regarded as a person who has given money, rather than as an equal person or a companion of life, and this is the cause of domestic violence.


Yes, there are some aspects of YouTube that do not work under current law. What next?

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

I will deliver the following news. A Swedish woman posted an article on SNS saying that she was assaulted randomly by women in Korea.

The Swedish woman insisted that she and her Moroccan friend were indiscriminately assaulted by two Korean women in a toilet in a club in Itaewon, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 12th of last month.

I was told that the incident was a tornado, but my friend who was in the toilet said that there was no toilet paper, so I asked two Korean women around me if there was a toilet paper, and suddenly I hit my head and pulled my hair.

He also insisted it was a racist attack, saying that he even said it was a strange foreigner in Korean.

More than 16,000 people have shared this article, and more than 3,000 comments have been made, especially among foreigners, about "shocking" and "Koreans should take responsibility for this incident."

However, unlike the claim of a Swedish woman who was unilaterally assaulted by two people, only one Korean woman was admitted to the police on charges of assault, and two foreigners who had been hit were also charged with the same charges.

Police say they are not a one-sided assault but two-way assault.

It looks like we should watch the results of the police investigation.


Yes, I think we need some confirmation of the facts because they are different. What's the last time?

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

Yes, the last thing to do is travel to Southeast Asia, elephant rides, elephant shows, etc. It's been a long time since this tour has become a major tourist attraction.

There are many scars on the elephant's forehead that are pointed objects stuck.

A man asked me not to experience elephant riding, and he shared a picture of Phuket elephant, which was caught in a spooky spoon, to SNS.

Currently, more than 4,000 elephants are used in tourist products and shows throughout Southeast Asia.

The problem is that brutal abuse occurs in the process of submitting this elephant. It is said that, by removing the wildness of the elephant, the elephant dropped from the mother into a small us and stabs the body with a sharp object like a spatula.

It is very painful that about half of the baby elephants are known to die in this process. Elephants who are abused are forced to dance or show, but they are fed only with very little food and continue to abuse.

Fortunately, there is a growing voice in the country to criticize the experience of elephant shows and elephant riding.

Most tour operators in Korea are still selling travel products that include elephant rides or shows, but as the facts of this elephant abuse continue to be known, there are voices calling for boycotting travel agencies selling such travel products.