The popular party game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes arrives on mobile, play drinking games with Drikke and hydrate can be learned with the Kwench app.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes game has been available for several years in VR and on PCs and game consoles, but this week is making the transition to iOS and Android.

One player receives the smartphone, the rest has to do with a manual that can be viewed on the website and printed out. The player on the smartphone is shown a bomb that consists of different modules: from buttons to wires. From that moment a clock starts running.

How do you disable the bomb? You need your fellow players for that: the player with the smartphone must describe what the bomb looks like, the others go crazy looking for the solution in the manual. Communication is a must - and that can sometimes get out of hand.

The smartphone version of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is fairly intuitive to use. With arrows you can turn the bomb around and view it from all sides. If you click on a module, you will get to see it up close. You can then press various buttons on the touchscreen - unfortunately, you cannot cut a thread by hand.

If you dismantle your first bomb, you also unlock a 'free mode': the game can generate a huge amount of random bombs. Enough to keep the party guests busy for a while.

Download Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for iOS and Android (€ 10.99)


Looking for a more alcoholic party game? The Dutch app Drikke can offer a solution. Register the participants and you will be given the choice to do a series of different drinking games: from quiz questions to assignments that players have to perform.

The app offers various game modes that consist of other types of games, such as knowledge games, excitement and 'fun'. The app then shows a card for each round, for example asking players to name a piece of fruit in turn. The player who is unable to mention any fruit at a given moment must take a sip.

Another assignment in the game can be to call someone and ask if that person wants to participate in the game. If the player refuses an assignment, he or she must drink.

Press 'next' for the next card, or click 'stop' when everyone has had enough.

The app is fairly simple, but offers a solution in the event of a lack of party inspiration. What is striking is that even at the lowest 'drink level' the cards hand out quite a lot of gulps: players who prefer not to drink too hard may perhaps agree better to adjust the number of gulps or occasionally a alcoholic beverage.

Download Drikke for iOS and Android (free)


'Drinking water' is one of the most heard health advice of all time. Yet it remains difficult to keep track of whether you have enough H2O.

Kwench calculates how much water you need in a day based on a few data about your body. Then the app reminds you once in a while that you still have to drink something.

Do you drink a glass of water? Then you can report that in the app. This way you strip off glasses of water throughout the day, until you reach your limit - although more water is of course no problem at all.

Download Kwench for iOS and Android (free)