The new update called Beyond from space game No Man's Sky will be released on August 14, announced by developer Hello Games on Friday. The update adds the ability to play the game with VR glasses.

In addition to the VR mode, the game also gets a more extensive multiplayer. The developer does not yet want to say what this exactly means. At the moment players can already play in groups of four, but it seems that this is being expanded.

Furthermore, the update must also add new elements, giving players new reasons to continue playing the now three-year old game. Previous updates have already added the ability to build a base of their own on a planet in the game and the ability to explore underwater worlds.

No Man's Sky received much criticism in the beginning because of many missing functionalities, which were promised by the developer. As a result, many players were disappointed. Developer Hello Games has added many of the promised elements over the past few years.

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