A fight occurred Wednesday afternoon in Moselle has one death and two serious injuries. The brawl pitted young people from the town of Fameck to an inhabitant of Uckange, a neighboring town.

A 17-year-old miner died after being stabbed in a brawl that also caused two serious injuries Wednesday afternoon in Fameck, Moselle, AFP told the mayor Thursday. According to Michel Liebgott, a first altercation allegedly pitted young people from Fameck against a resident of Uckange, a neighboring town, in the afternoon, near the Prevention Club, a place dedicated to supporting adolescents.

"They then moved near the football field where the facts happened," he added. Three young people were stabbed and hospitalized in serious condition. A 17-year-old miner died of his "late-night" injuries, according to Michel Liebgott.

Municipalities classified as a priority security zone

"There must be a story" at the origin of the fight, "but we still do not know which one, there are rumors," he added. Its town of 14,000 inhabitants is classified as a priority security zone, as is Uckange, a town a few kilometers away and which has nearly 7,000 inhabitants. Police forces were deployed in the night on the communes of Uckange and Fameck, as well as near the Mercy hospital, where the wounded were taken care of, to avoid any incident, said the gendarmerie .