Nine cases were reported to the National Labor Service yesterday (16th) when the bullying prohibition at work was first implemented. In addition, the number of reports has increased twice as often as usual in civil organizations reporting reports of discomfort in the workplace. There is a system for changing the culture of work, but it is still difficult to find out the truth even if there are problems in the field. This is also the case at the Seoul Medical Center, where two nurses and cleaning workers died.

Baekun reported what the situation is now.


"Seoul Medical Center staff, please do not accept any comments" I left this note and the nursing surgeon Seo Ji Yoon 29 year-old made an extreme choice in January.

It has been 20 days since I moved to the administrative department.

The nurses complained to the family that they were overflowing with water when they had coffee in their new department and complain that their colleagues were more aggressive than the new nurse and were insulting.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set up its own countermeasures and investigated four months of bullying, called "burning," but it was reported that it could not even secure key data.

[The late Seo Ji Yoon Nurse Death Case Committee member: (Nurse) The schedule table shows what harassment was caused and why the late Seo Ji Yoon nurse died. However, to date, the Seoul Medical Center has not given the Nursing Department a schedule list.

Citizen groups accused the prosecution of obstructing business, saying that the director of the Seoul Metropolitan Medical Center is interfering with the investigation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Medical Center's clean-up workers also complained about the damage.

[A cleaning worker A of Seoul medical center (last 9th): There are two kinds of sticks, and 'Is she doing such a good job?' I've done this insulting story.]

[B cleaning worker of Seoul medical center (last 9th): (management staff) 'Mrs. He was doing this. 'Would you like to introduce a man?' It was like this. At that moment I was so absurd that I could not say anything.

The Seoul Metropolitan Union has gathered these cases and settled down on the NHRCK.

Seoul Medical Center explained that this was a misunderstanding.

[Seoul Medical Center official: I have a lot of fun to talk about, but there is something like this. When I look.]

He also said that he had never interfered with the investigation of the death of a nurse and reported that he was anonymized.

(Image coverage: Jung Jin-jin, image editing: Lee, Seung-jin)