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Electric scooter: Andreas Scheuer calls for tougher action in case of violations with electric scooters


The Minister of Transport calls on the municipalities to protect weaker road users. Sanctions are foreseen for driving with e-scooters on footpaths.

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has called on the municipalities to take more action against violations involving electric scooters. "In order to ensure the protection of the weaker road users at any time, we are dependent on the participation of cities and local authorities," writes the CSU politician in a letter to the President of the German Association of Cities, the Mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung (SPD). The regulation provides for sanctions for certain infringements, such as when e-scooter drivers drive on sidewalks or in pedestrian areas or take other people on the scooter.

Scheuer asks the municipalities to exploit their possibilities "for a safe and proper use in full framework". Of course, the other basic rules of road traffic also apply to small electrical vehicles, "it continues. This means, in particular, that the penalty and penalty provisions for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol should also apply to electric scooters.

E-scooters have been registered in Germany for over a month. Since then, several providers have offered the vehicles for rental in several cities. Traffic associations had already demanded a better education about security threats because of first accidents.

Cities Day refers to the police

In a response to Scheuer, the city council pointed out that the police were responsible for controlling the flow of traffic and thus for punishing violations. "This is not the responsibility of the cities with their regulatory authorities," said Deputy Chief Executive of the City Day, Verena Göppert. The Minister should therefore address his demands to the countries as competent police authorities. Göppert also called for users to be better informed about rules and dangers.

The German Association of Towns and Municipalities also said that drivers should be better informed about the rules - via the app during registration and at the beginning of each use. The providers of e-scooters would have to be active and the regulations clearly and binding communicate, said a representative of the Association.

A spokesman for the union of the police criticized that the police traffic control had been "thinned out for years". "The e-scooters are likely to exacerbate the situation," said traffic expert Michael Mertens. Many road users, especially in the big cities, already regard road traffic as a conflict zone.

ADAC supports scouring

A spokeswoman for the ADAC supports Scheuer. The regulation for the use of e-scooters made meaningful specifications. These should be adhered to in order to maintain the safety of all road users. "Sanctions need to be used more than ever to ensure the enforcement of the rules," she said.

E-scooters are allowed between 6 and 20 kilometers per hour and must have a steering or handrail. Also required are two brakes, lights and a "glowing bell". They are allowed from 14 years, a helmet is not there. Driving e-scooters on bike paths - if there are none, they have to dodge the road.

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