The Panda team has been telling us over the past two days that the fire department has lost all necessary safety equipment and that firefighters are being paid and the problem is repeated, After the report, the Fire Department recognized that there was a problem with monopoly.

Top reporter reported.


Front display, HUD, which allows you to see immediately how much air remains in flames and smoke.

[In-service firefighter: (air) It shows the remaining amount. It lights up on the back. (The amount of air), sheep. (At first, when the air is full, the light goes to the end.) Yes.

The fire department revised the notification to include three safety devices including the HUD last year, but it is not easy to find such an air respirator when you go to the scene.

[In-service firefighter: I know that this is the only air-respirator with safety equipment.

This is because the fire department has purchased the monopoly's products, knowing that the safety device is missing.

[Air respirator manufacturer representative: (safety equipment) If there are not three, it is classified as fatal defect. Products with fatal flaws do not even look back and forth, paying money, wasting treasury.]

Until the end, there was a question in the National Assembly about the monopoly of the air respirator that the Panda team pointed out.

[Kwon Mi-hyeok / Democratic Party Member (Parliamentary and Administrative Security): I was worried that the Fire Department is not doing enough management because of the articles reported on the month and the day.]

[Chung Moon-ho / Director of Firefighting: It is true that for 20 years, Sancheong Enterprise has monopolized the air respirator. So, there were some difficulties for new companies to intervene.]

The Fire Department has acknowledged that there is a problem with the air respirator's product standards and with the frontline fire department's purchasing procedures.

The Fire Department decided to conduct an audit of the entire contract to uncover it.

However, it has been pointed out that it is necessary to investigate whether there is a cohesion between the company and the fire department on the back side of the large - scale delivery that has violated the regulation for more than 7 years.

(Image coverage: Chang, Hyun Cho, Min-Chul Cho, Image editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Kim Junho)