News of the topic Cho Hyun-joon's news that I picked up just for you. What is your first news today (17th)?

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

It is news of a police officer who rescues a baby who has stopped breathing suddenly while sleeping by cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It was what happened in Daegu, I prepared the video.

It is the Duryu 3-dong police box in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. A 13-year-old man at 11 o'clock on the night of the 13th arrived with a lolly baby in his arms. A 16-month-old son fell asleep. Suddenly he did not breathe.

At the entrance to the police box, the boy shouted, 'Please do not breathe.' The officers who were at work rushed out of the door following men.

I was able to do CPR and remove the foreign body from the neck without having to be embarrassed because Mr. Kim Han Jin, who was working at the police station at the time, had a first aid certificate.

Other policemen also continued to talk to the surprise parents after the 119 report, and about a minute and a half past the first aid, the baby breathed in with a "hump" and began to breathe normally .

Suddenly 119 paramedics arrived at the scene, and their families were able to move safely to the nearby hospital. After this, the parents say they thank the police and they have posted good news that the baby has regained health.


The baby met the benefactor of life at the police box. Let me hear from you.

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

This is a report from a Vietnamese press, revealing the shocking hygiene of some hotels in Vietnam.

A Vietnamese daily reported that reporters were camouflaged as room cleaners at a hotel in Phu Quoc, a three-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, and photographed the room cleaning process.

One of the hotel 's clean - up team chief said he would give a demonstration to a reporter disguised as a new clean - up sweeper, cleaning all of the fountain cups, bathtubs and toilets with a piece of towel.

I was advised to never use a towel when I stayed at the hotel next time. It was said that some of the guests had folded the towel that was written by the guest and folded it back in the room.

Another hotel did not change until bedspread stains and set cleaning instructions to wash once every three days.

It takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to clean the room. In fact, one of the employees said that this problem occurs when cleaning 15 rooms for 8 hours.

Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Bureau said, "If there is cheating of the hotel, we will thoroughly investigate it and treat it strictly according to the law."


The hotel rooms are not as hygienic as they are visible. I've been talking about this from a long time ago. I think I need to spend some time. Let me hear from you.

<Hyun Jun Goh / Editorial Reviewer>

In the first half of this year, the money that has been burned because it is burned or damaged is said to reach 2.3 trillion won.

The Bank of Korea (BOK) said yesterday the total amount of damaged money that was abolished in the first half of this year was 345.2 million won and the amount was 2,272.4 billion won.

Of these, 10,000 won won more than half of the total, 180 million. It was followed by 1,000 won, 5,000 won, and 50,000 won.

It was damaged mainly due to improper storage or carelessness. It was 39.5% of the cases that the paper money was stored under the plate and the paper was corroded by moisture. I accidentally put it in a washing machine or a sewing machine by 39% and burned it by 21%.

If the remaining area is over 75%, you can get the full amount of the face value. You can get half of the face value up to 40%, but you can not get a penny if you do not get 40%.

It is said that the damaged currency is converted into a new currency by 48.3 billion won. You can save your taxes just by keeping your money and keeping it clean.