The lethal protein shake that killed a 21-year-old Australian boy

Lachlan Foote was on the eve of turning 22 when, on January 1, 2019, his parents found him dead on the floor of his bathroom in Sydney, Australia. Like many other j

Lachlan Foote was on the eve of turning 22 when, on January 1, 2019, his parents found him dead on the floor of his bathroom in Sydney , Australia.

Like many other young people, Lachlan had gone partying to celebrate the New Year, but his evening took an unexpected turn when he returned home that night and ingested a shake that killed him .

This week, more than six months after his death, the parents of the young man have received the forensic report of his autopsy and the result is surprising: Lachlan died from consuming a lethal amount of caffeine .

According to Nigel, the father of the young man, his son accidentally overloaded his smoothie with pure caffeine, without knowing the effects that this would have.

Nigel has decided to hang the story of Lachlan on his wall to raise awareness of the dangers of consuming this product because, as he says, only two tablespoons were enough to end the life of his son. "I do not want to continue talking about the death of my son on Facebook, but I am publishing this because there is the possibility that he will save someone's life, " explains the young man's father.

In this message he details that each spoonful of pure caffeine equals between 25 and 50 cups of coffee . The explanation is compounded when he adds that pure caffeine is "a product that is marketed as a dietary supplement and is often used as an additive in protein shakes, is legal and easy to find online ."

According to his father, Lachlan had gone partying the day before with his friends to celebrate the New Year and consumed the milkshake when he returned home, around 2.00 in the morning. According to the autopsy the young man had not ingested much alcohol, since the report showed that he only had an amount of 0.05 in the blood. This baffled the researchers who continued to test until they hit the nail on the head: they had died from acute caffeine toxicity. In spite of this, Nigel affirms that he does not blame whoever shared or sold the powder to his son , since he probably did not know about its lethal effects either.

The father of the young man also took the opportunity to tell his loved ones that Lachlan " lives in our hearts, our photos and in the stars ". In addition, he accompanied the message with several photos of the young person to "share special moments, because I know how much it means to many of you".

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