Ramón García explains why the Grand Prix does not return

There were a total of 14 seasons in which over 150 programs were exceeded, but a decade ago the Grand Prix abandoned us for not returning. In this summer contest they face

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There were a total of 14 seasons in which over 150 programs were exceeded, but a decade ago the Grand Prix abandoned us for not returning. In this summer contest faced two towns of the Spanish geography that had to pass different tests to go achieving points that gave them the victory.

Although for years, many people have asked to recover space, the truth is that until now it has not been possible. Ramon García , the first presenter of the Grand Prix and the one who spent most years (from 1995 to 2005) has explained why.

He has done it in En compañía, an entertainment program that he presents in Castilla-La Mancha Media , during the visit of Borja Terán , a journalist who was to present his new book, Tele, which reviews some of the most mythical spaces of the small Spanish screen.

As is logical, the Grand Prix quickly came up , which was a decade in TVE (1995-2005) and then went on to the regional channels (2007-2009). And Garcia did not hesitate to give explanations about the failed return so far despite the fact that a project has been ready for three years.

"There is a Grand Prix ready to go out, perfectly renewed for three years, it has not been done because the televisions are afraid of animal groups, which are going to make it impossible for the 'heifer', which is not well, "he explained who was the driver of the contest for 11 seasons.

The Basque presenter refers to one of the most popular Grand Prix events in which the participants had to overcome different challenges in a small square, while a heifer struggled not to allow them success in this challenge in question.

" The heifers were taken care of perfectly ", added Garcia, who also recalled that in those years there were criticisms and that the response of the Grand Prix was to invite the animals to see how they treated these animals.

"We invited all those who came to see how the animals were, but there was never anyone to visit us, and nobody ever asked if the people who took the blows of the cows had someone to take care of them. turns and we think more about animals than people, "he concluded.

A jug of cold water for fans of the program who see the difficulty of the Grand Prix returning to television one day.

Reactions in the networks

The words of the Bilbao have been much commented on social networks and there have been many users who have argued that the Grand Prix is done without the heifers. "If you think we liked the Grand Prix for the heifer you're very wrong," said a netizen, while claiming other tests such as "hot potato, bowling or basketball in diapers." "You do not need heifers," said another.

For its part, the PACMA animal association has celebrated the no return claiming that "having fun mistreating heifers has no place in today's television."

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