The new Manuel Bartual? Start the mystery of summer in a thread of Twitter

"Let's see how I tell this ... I have proof that someone has entered my house at night when I was alone." Does this startup sound? Well wait to read the continuation: "I open thread


A strange sound makes one think that someone has entered the house while Paolo was sleeping ... @PaoloManitasTWITTER

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Manuel Bartual, the Stephen King of Twitter: "I did not expect this repercussion"

"Let's see how I tell this ... I have proof that someone has entered my house at night when I was alone." Does this startup sound? Well wait to read the continuation: "I open thread because this is very strong and I do not fit only in a tweet". You are not human if after opening Twitter and watching this message pass through your timeline you do not feel the overwhelming need to press to continue reading the thread. All right. You are human. One of the tens of thousands of humans who are already hooked on the history of summer. Will Paolo Manitas be the new Manuel Bartual?

The story has started this Wednesday morning with a strange event. "For some time I have been using an app that records sounds at night", says Paolo, "he records only when he detects a sound, I use it because sometimes I talk at night and it's funny to listen to me the next day" . This is Sleep Talk , an application that, effectively, is activated at night when a sound is produced.

"The fact is that for 3 days I have been sleeping alone at home because my parents have gone on vacation for a few days and the app has recorded very strange noises on two different days," he says. "I've heard them today because I do not always remember listening to them because when I get up I have to prepare myself for every host to go to work and I forget," he says. And it shares the sound that, yes, is quite disturbing.

"It turns out that the day before yesterday was recorded this, I do not know if I'm emparanoyando or heard as someone opens the door of my room and enters, I repeat, was alone at home," says Paolo, who emphasizes that there was no one else in the house. In the engraving the previous day, again steps are heard in the house.

Another point that adds, if possible, disturbing details to the story, is that the recording is heard to peep background agapornis. "My birds when they are in the dark NEVER make a single noise, unless they see someone, they like to play and as soon as they see someone pian to get attention," explains Paolo.

"I have not been able to notice if something was missing or not at home since I listened to these audios at work, when I return home I'll look good to see if something is missing or something is strange and I tell it here," he announces. Paolo has only four days left at home and confesses "scaredy": "Now the alarm is set at home, if you do not call my father to the mobile, telling him he has jumped is that everything is fine". The twitterers begin to suggest possible theories.

"You are telling me that I can be a sleepwalker," Paolo admits, "I've thought about it but if you listen to the audios, you hear me always breathe at the same distance and I leave the shoes on the terrace so that the room does not smell " Yes, the steps that you hear in the recording are not bare feet. So, as promised, Paolo is reporting his return home while machining some video recording system.

But beware, they have not finished the adventures. Indeed, something has changed in the house: some shoes that were on the terrace appear in the narrator's room.

Night comes and Paolo continues to share with his followers, who number in the thousands, his home journey to discover what or who has entered his room at night.

Ay, the morning of Thursday starts movidita: "Joderjoderjoderjoderjoderjodeeeeeer". The cameras have caught something. A door that opens ... and a shadow. What is clear is that we have a tweet novel for the summer.

And who is this Paolo?

Although a priori it may seem that we are facing the new Manuel Bartual , pure and hard, there is some difference. Yes, the profile of Paolo Manitas is a seemingly normal profile, which is growing in followers but without becoming too flashy, but which only follows one account, another own account, in fact, @NovoxGamer . This is the Twitter account associated with the youtuber namesake, which, this time, has almost 20,000 followers and more than 123,000 subscribers.

The profile from which he started the thread that has Twitter pending his nights (and his agapornis) had been inactive since the end of 2018. To the mystery of his story is added that of its author. We will continue informing.

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