Björn Frantzen, the first of the OAD Top 100+ European Restaurants 2019

The Swedish chef Björn Frantzén (Frantzén) took the palm last night in the gala of the increasingly influential world ranking OAD (Opionated About Dining), which was lived warmly in


The first four of the ranking, from the left: Andreas Caminada (Andreas Caminada-Schloss Schauenstein, nº 2); Björn Frantzén (Restaurant Frantzén, nº 1); Quique Dacosta (Quique Dacosta Restaurant, nº 4) and Victor Arguinzoniz (Etxebarri, nº 3), together with Steve Plotnicki.

Bittor Arginzoniz and Quique Dacosta, third and fourth, keep Spain at the top

The Swedish chef Björn Frantzén (Frantzén) took the palm last night in the gala of the increasingly influential world ranking OAD (Opionated About Dining) , which was lived warmly in the María Cristina de Donosti, and which showed the Spanish regularity keeping Bittor Arginzoniz (Etxebarri), third, and Quique Dacosta, fourth, in the "top ten" European.

In command of everything, Steve Plotnicki , a crack. In the 1980s, with New York as the stage, he dared to sign the group Run DMC on his record label (he is a musician and producer), thus generating the great gale of hip hop that later swept the planet. Visionary then, years later he noticed in the kitchen the new rock and roll and, bareback, without great sponsors or bombastic speeches, the OAD website was taken out of the sleeve, in which, currently, 6,000 gourmets vote (exhaustively examined and controlled) to unveil the best restaurants in America and Europe. The formula, the most democratic that exists today, has become for five years - in Europe - a benchmark for travel in gastronomy, both in the "high" as in the more "casual" and "of" product".

Ronqueo of the Torres brothers.

Last night, in an act that, as always, flees from the tinsel and self-complacent heaviness of the stage , the European gastronomic "intelligentsia" gathered at the María Cristina hotel to celebrate, together with Steve, the OAD Top 100+ European Restaurants list 2019 The winner, the Swede Björn Frantzén, the choice that keeps Nordic cuisine (the new René Redzepi restaurant was also included in the list in ninth place) in the "candelabra" despite the closure announced at the end of the year of one of its most radical banners, the Faviken of Magnus Nilsson (Sweden). Second, the Schloss Schauenstein (Switzerland); repeating third, Etxebarri; fourth, Quique Dacosta; and then, up to the tenth place, Daniel Berlin (Sweden), Le Calandre (Italy), L'Arpège (France), La Marine (France), Noma 2.0 (Denmark) and Lido 84 (Italy). The rest of the classified showed, on the other hand, that there is no longer any country on the continent that marks the passage , and also that they are Quique Dacosta and L'Arpège (France), the only two restaurants that remain at the top of the ranking From the beginning.

Casa Julián chop (Tolosa).

After a ronqueo in the terrace led by the brothers Torres , the dinner, directed by the precise Didier Fertilatti, took the guests to a culinary marathon that lasted until two in the morning. No waste, high production and high level in a selection of chefs as the list itself, diverse and playing all the clubs. The deconstructed gilda of Enjoy (Barcelona); the mushrooms with foie gras and Ganbara egg (Donosti); the "lemongrass" of Azurmendi (Bilbao); the celebrated fried lobster from D'Berto (O Grove); the black rice croquette from Acá (Kyoto); the essential prawn in consommé and crunchy of Disfrutar (Barcelona); the prawns of Palamós de Rías de Galicia (Barcelona); the tuna praline of the Torres (Barcelona); the viceroy of Gueyu Mar (Ribadesella); the sobrasada from Els Casals (Sagàs); the monumental turbot of Elkano (Getaria); the kaiparixia of Azurmendi (Bilbao); the chop of Casa Julián (Tolosa); and the glamaouroso "cheesecake" by Quique Dacosta .

When it is celebrated, it is celebrated.

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