In "Energomash" Mask's words about the new Raptor rocket engine were appreciated

Pyotr Levochkin, Chief Designer of Energomash, NPO, appreciated the statement made by SpaceX’s US head Ilona Mask about the advantages of the new Raptor engine over the Russian RD-180. The commentary is published on the Roscosmos website.

According to him, SpaceX creates the Raptor engine on oxygen and methane components.

“Mr. Musk, not being a technical specialist, does not take into account that the RD-180 engine for the Atlas launch vehicle uses a completely different fuel circuit -“ oxygen-kerosene ”, and these are other parameters of the engine’s operation,” said Lyovochkin.

He added that such a comparison is similar to the comparison of diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines.

At the same time, Lyovochkin congratulated SpaceX on his first successes in the field of rocket engine building. He added that during the development of Raptor, US engineers reached a record chamber pressure level for themselves.

Earlier, Musk announced the superiority of the Raptor engine, which is supposed to be used in the BFR project, over the Russian RD-180 engine.