How did you do it? Police - Park Cheong Wa Dae Truth Workshop

In March 2013, Kim Hak-soo, the former deputy minister of justice, was appointed as deputy minister of justice.

In March 2013, Kim Hak-soo, the former deputy minister of justice, was appointed as deputy minister of justice.

The key issue is whether the Cheong Wa Dae has been informed about the police incident related to the suspicion of "villa - style entertainment" before appointing Kim 's vice - minister.

At that time, the police investigation team claimed that they had already reported to Cheong Wa Dae several times before they were appointed on March 13 of that year.

On the other hand, Cheong Wa Dae officials at the time asked Kim whether to investigate or investigate Kim for the personnel verification.

It seems that the police and the Chong Wa Dae civil affairs line are responsible for the responsibility for the insufficient verification of personnel.

There was a similar workshop when the suspicion of sexist service was raised shortly after Kim's appointment six years ago.

When the media reported that the presidential office had ignored the police report, the police officially reported that Kim had never investigated or accused Kim of the allegations until the appointment of his deputy.

The controversy resurfaced on the recommendation of investigations by the prosecution on April 25.

In addition to Jeong Min-jung, former secretary of the Democratic Party, Jeong Min-jung, and Jeon Min-jeong, a secretary of the Democratic Party, who was the target of the investigation, Secretary of Public Affairs and Security at the time of the Democratic Party lawmaker denied the allegations.

Kwak said, "I asked the police if they were investigating the case (at the time of personnel verification) and said that there was no investigation by the police." He said, "A day or two after the announcement, the police came in the afternoon and were investigating."
"The police pretended not to know it," Kim said, "as soon as Kim was appointed, he hit the back of the head."

However, he said, "I posted a verification report (related to Kim's videotape), but at the main office of Cheong Wa Dae, I heard the story of" Why do you ignore people because you are not yourself? " I indicated that I knew.

This clarification is contrary to the police investigation team at the time.

The former police officer on the investigation command line said, "It is common sense that I do not report the related intelligence to the incumbent, but I do not report it to the former president. I'm covering it up. "

Another incumbent police officer said, "We have been checking the suspicions in the crime information department before we started our internship, and we continued to report the fact that it seems to be true, but we have not started our internship."

The reason why the police and Cheong Wa Dae have been ignoring false reports or reports is that they can be the key to solving the allegations of external pressure raised over the investigation process.

If Cheong Wa Dae had the suspicions, he would be appointed, and if Park was in the background, there would be an incentive for Cheong Wa Dae to influence the prosecution's two charges, as well as unusual greetings on the police investigation command line.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office investigating the suspicion of former vice minister Kim Jong-il is trying to force the police to criticize the former police officer Kwak,

"The investigation team secured the statements of civil servants and police officers belonging to Chung Wa Dae's senior secretary at that time, and the charges against Cheong Wa Dae were called for in the briefing materials," he said.

However, the fact-finding team pointed out that both Cheong Wa Dae and the police have unnecessarily resurrected the controversy by recommending investigations without investigating the key parties.

Lee, who was led to the investigation but was abandoned, said, "I will cooperate if the prosecution summons him for the truth." But he said, "I did not come from the investigation team."